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Hi I’m Leslie Rayment. So today is 12 January 2016 and I have taken the step to start a blog. A blog that I hope is more informative than just an individuals person opinion or point of view on a topic of interest. I am in no way a writer and I have to say starting a blog is somewhat daunting. However I have taken on the challenge and aim to bring you non-biased informative articles on Information and Technology, subjects that are not only trending, or leave big questions to be answered, but to also provide educational insight into the technology at hand.

A little bit about myself

I am the founder and Managing Director of NETCorp IT Solutions which commenced operations in October 2007. You will find me on weekends either at my computer helping those in need, outdoors and away from the computer completely, or spending the time with my two great sons. Generally though it is time spent with the boys; Cody and Levi or training for a charity event, personal interest, which sometimes can be the same as I look for challenges. This year, 2016, is the HBF Run for a Reason half-marathon, City to Surfs Marathon, Oxfam Trailwalker 2016 Perth 100KM walk in 48 hours to fight world poverty, and to top it off (figures crossed) Everest Circuit and the Cho La.

IT Background

For some time after this I was operating on a contract basis to other IT firms such as Prolan Support Services and Assured Technology. The time here was great as I had been exposed to a wide range of industries such of medical general practitioners and specialists, warehousing and distribution chains, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and real estate. Still today NETCorp maintains some of these contracts like Pagoda Resort & Spa, Rodin Clinic, Ethicos Institute, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries, and Promaco Conventions.

One of the other benefit of working in so many industry types is the requirement to learn so many different types of technologies and programs, here’s a list to name a few:

  • Delphi – Sales & Catering
  • Opera – Hotel Property Management System (PMS)
  • Sun – Accounting package
  • MYOB Accounting
  • Micros POS
  • Vision Vingcard – Hotel room access
  • Various Business Centre or Computer Cafe applications
  • Interfacing Hotel Systems
  • Phone Control – Telephone billing systems
  • Job Tracker – Job tracking systems
  • Genie Solutions – Medical Practice Management applications
  • Medical Director – Medical Practice Management applications
  • Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor – Network performance monitoring
  • ConnectWise – SaaS
  • Kaseya – IT Management software
  • ITMS (Opto) Software – Inventory & Manufactuting software
  • Reckon – Accounting software
  • Wireless client gateways – Wireless kiosks
  • Nomadix – Wireless gateway
  • Exclaimer Signature Manager – Email signature automation software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Dictation software
  • Spielberg File Director – Document management
  • Tile Essentials – Retail tile POS
  • Softalk WorkgroupShare – Email & Calendar sharing
  • iNcredi Pos – Retail POS

It is hard to place a starting date on my IT education as I was introduced into it by my farther who linked to tinkle and play, however I can say confidently that I didn’t really to take it seriously until March 2003, shortly after leaving the defence force. First I attended C.Y. O’connor Tafe and acquired certificates II, III, and IV in IT but was not content with this therefore attending Edith Cowan University and completing my Double Major of Computer Science and Mobile Computing with additional courses like Network Design, Architecture and Development and Cisco Networking. From here my education has been industry specific vender training such as: D-Link Certified, Storage Craft Shadow Protect Certified, Trend Micro Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and Office 365 certified just to name a few, and I should’nt discount the School of Hard Nocks!

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