Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist

Probably something you should turn off…


If you’re the type of person that relies on Wi-Fi networks to minimise the use on your mobile data then there is something you should know about Apple’s new iOS version 9, and that is Wi-Fi Assist.

A new feature called “Wi-Fi Assist”, which is turned on by default, may have been quietly eating through your mobile data quota while you thought you were on Wi-Fi.

The feature is designed to make sure users get a smooth online experience, switching automatically to mobile data in the effort to boost your connection speed if the Wi-Fi connection is determined to be poor.

The Wi-Fi Assist setting can be turned off in the Mobile Data settings screen. 


It’s easy to see how this could be handy if you’re trying to stream audio while walking away from your home or business, or browsing the internet in your backyard right at the edge of your Wi-Fi’s range, but it comes with a downside as well.

For those who already use up most of their data plan while out and about, the feature could potentially blow out phone bills, as iPhones pilfer mobile data at home to assist with poor Wi-Fi and\or Internet speeds. Some people have already taken to social media to complain that their mobile data usage has skyrocketed since they upgraded their devices to iOS 9.

Apple has published the new feature on their support page, highlighting the pro’s and con’s of having the feature on and how to turn it off.

Turning W-Fi Assist Off

Turning iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist off is easy all you need to do is go into Settings > Mobile > Scroll all the way to the bottom and turn it off.

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